Guest reviewers wanted!

Are you planning on watching a classic film not listed on my monthly calendar and you’d like me to feature your review on my blog? Please let me know! If you have your own personal classic film blog, I can reblog your post. If you don’t, just e-mail me, and I’ll place the text of your review in a new blog post. I’m also looking for vloggers as well, so your review can be in either format. I would especially love to hear from children who enjoy the classics. Reviews can be done (in either text or video format) by the child themselves or by a parent. What I need from you (or your child):

1. The name you wish to be credited by

2. Blog/website if applicable

3. Title of the movie

4. Whether this was your first time viewing it, or a repeat viewing (If you know how many times you’ve watched, that would be neat trivia! 🙂 )

5. Any trivia you have about the movie or the making of the movie

6. Favorite quotes

7. Your review


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